Off the Wall Urban Art at Conrad Algarve


Since opening its doors, the Conrad Algarve has brought a sense of luxurious style to the Algarve with a series of spectacular and innovative events, complementing the contemporary luxury of this leading Algarve resort. Now they are set to push the bar even higher with the upcoming Off the Wall event, 17th to 19th April 2014.

The Off the Wall event will unleash a troop of 20 street artists upon the walls of the Conrad Algarve, creating huge murals on the hotel walls, pool deck, garage and even on a Mini Paceman car. In partnership with Art Catto gallery, based in Loulé, the Conrad Algarve event will showcase the talents of well known and up and coming Portuguese urban artists.

Visitors to the Off the Wall event will be able to accompany the evolution of the creations from initial sketches to finished work, as the artists draw, spray, paint and retouch their efforts. The Conrad Algarve entrance will be the site of the makeover for the Mini Paceman, from urban car to work of art. There will be a large installation in the main reception as well as several other stages around the Conrad Algarve where the artists will be at work. As ever with the Conrad, no detail is forgotten and there will be a special area for children to paint and spray to their hearts content on their very own kids graffiti wall (paints supplied).

The 3 day event culminates in the Off the Wall Street Art Party, with a tour of all the amazing works around the resort with plenty of street food and live music on offer.

Tickets to the final party are €10 per person, available from the Conrad Algarve.

Free Raffle tickets will be handed out during the event with the very nice prize of a complimentary weekend at the Conrad Algarve with a Mini Paceman driving experience. The winner will be announced at the Off the Wall Street Art Party.

Works by Gonçalo Mar

Participating artists include

Bruno Jamaica | Daniel “Eime” | Ivo “Smile” | Gonçalo “Mar” | Diogo Machado “Add Fuell” | Frederico “Draw” | João “Sapien”

University of Lisbon Art College: Marcos Granja | Francisco Camilo | Jorge Charrua | Miguel Noronha

Faro University Art College: Jorge Simão | Leandro Marcos | Leandro Cabrita | Nuno Viegas | Vincent Régis

Virtu Verus : “The Mob” Rudi Amador | Afonso Bivar | Pedro Paixão | Adrian Costa


Off the Wall @ Conrad Algarve programme

Thursday 17th April

10.00am: The artists start to create their artwork. The MINI PACEMAN begins it’s makeover.

11.00am: Virtus Veru: “The Mob” will start exploring the hotel walls with their art.

12.00pm: Algarve University Art students, start their journey of creativity.

Friday 18th April

10.00am: Lisbon Art University students start to create their artwork.

3.30pm to 4.00pm: Prof. José Quaresma of University of Lisbon Art College, will give a lecture on Street Art Dialogues.

Saturday 19th April - The final day

7.00pm: “Off The Wall” tour of works, followed by music and specially created street food in the garage. Live music.

For more information and bookings contact Conrad Algarve:   Tel: + 351 289 350 700

Works by João Sapien