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Algarve background images for online meetings showing stunning Algarve views. Free images to share showing the gorgeous scenery of the region. Set as your Zoom background and share the beauty of Portugal's sunny south.

If you’re missing the Algarve and you want to show people a slice of this lovely part of the world, you’re going to love this.

Turismo do Algarve, the Algarve tourism board, has beautiful images of each county in the region available for download to use as your wallpaper during online meetings, teams and zoom calls.

If you’re working from home, you can join meetings without having to worry about others on the call checking out your messy living room or kitchen. Instead, you can treat them to a gorgeous view of the Algarve by uploading one of the wallpaper images that are available for free download.

Lagoa, Senhora da Rocha

There are 3 images of each of the 16 counties in the Algarve from Vila do Bispo to Vila Real. As you might imagine, amazing seascapes feature strongly, as well as lovely tranquil countryside scenes and panoramic aerial views. There are over 40 images to choose from, so you can mix it up for each meeting.

To change the background on a Zoom call, just click the video options when you enter the meeting, choose virtual background and upload the image of your choice.


Be an Algarve ambassador and share its beauty. It’s easy, it’s free and the stunning images are sure to brighten up all those meetings. We’re not suggesting you day-dream your way through your calls (well, maybe just a little), but if you can’t travel to the Algarve right now, at least these wallpapers can transport you there virtually for a little while.

See the full gallery and donwload the images here.

Vila Real de Santo António