First Indoor Electric Karting in Algarve opens in Albufeira

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fast fun with zero emissions

There’s something new in Albufeira – and it’s fast and furious fun! Electric Karting Albufeira Marina was inaugurated on 19th Nov. 2021. Formerly Hot Wheels Raceway, the karting circuit has gone green, with all-electric karts zipping around the 400m track.

Aiming to be more sustainable, as well as providing a better user experience, Geoff and Trudy Meadows, of GM Karting Lda, invested in electric karts that deliver all the fun of traditional karts but without the noise and fumes. The karts, which are almost silent, can reach top speeds of 50km per hour, and they can reach these speeds faster than traditional karts. And with evenly distributed weight the karts give a smoother driving experience. All this and zero emissions too. The whole experience is better for the drivers, as well as for the staff, whose working environment is now quiet and fume-free.

Located at Albufeira Marina, the karting circuit was already very popular with visitors and residents. It’s a fun activity for teens and adults that can be enjoyed all year round. It’s great for a break from the sun in summer, and the perfect rainy-day entertainment in the winter. Popular with groups, for parties and team-building days, karting is fun with a competitive edge.

The Electric Karting Albufeira Marina track is 400m of curves and straight stretches - just right for racing your friends to the finish line. The track can accommodate up to 6 karts at a time. Drivers should be aged 12 or over, and at least 1.5m tall. The karts are equipped with seat belts.

Advance booking is advised – reservations can be made by phone, email or on the Electric Karting Albufeira Marina website.

Current opening times:
Thursday to Monday – 100:00h to 18:00h
Find out more about Electric Karting Albufeira Marina.