Making the Move to the Algarve


There are some truly exceptional properties available

Starting out or starting over? The Algarve has a lot to offer if you’re looking for a new lease on life.

You may know the Algarve as a favourite holiday destination; maybe you’ve spent a few glorious summer weeks exploring favourite Algarve attractions like its beaches and country trails, enjoying the golf courses and fabulous climate. Imagine if you could have that all year round? Maybe you think becoming an expat in the Algarve is just a dream. Well think again…

We often hear the phrase that technology has changed the world we live in. Technology can also change where in the world you live. You no longer have to live near to your workplace; in fact, your workplace can be wherever you are, and the only clouds you need on your horizon are computing clouds. Actual and virtual infrastructures have progressed greatly in the past decade in the Algarve, allowing a growing number of people to enjoy the lifestyle and raise their families here while working remotely for a company based elsewhere in the world.

However, even if you live in Portugal, life isn’t all sunshine and beaches. Whether you are thinking of retiring to the Algarve or relocating to work, you need to think about healthcare, your financial security and future, education for your family and quality of life. So what is it about the Algarve that makes it such a perfect relocation destination?

Alvor Church in the evening sunAlvor Church in the evening sunStorks in their nest, SilvesStorks in their nest, Silves

Let’s leave aside the obvious factors such as the weather for the moment and talk about money. A new tax regime of 20% for non-permanent residents makes the Algarve an interesting relocation option. Also the availability and caliber of expert financial advice on the ground is very re-assuring. If you are coming from a non-Euro zone country you will need the services of expert currency advisors such as Currencies Direct. They can assist you with both large and small transactions, even allowing you to set forward contracts for up to 2 years, so that you can best manage your finances. An international company with local offices in Algarve, a consultation before the final move is a very good idea.

For a broader financial strategy to ensure your future as an expat should you move to the Algarve, be it working or as a retiree, you can benefit from the expert advice of the Affinity Global Wealth team in Vilamoura. They can help you make the most of your pension, or explore options on transferring it with Qrops. WorldWideBroker also offers an excellent free financial check-up service which will allow you to plan, prepare and profit, and will help you avoid any potential pitfalls involved in the process of moving lock, stock and barrel to Portugal.

So once the money is sorted, where to live? It’s a buyer’s market right now in the Algarve property market. There are some truly exceptional properties available whether you are looking for rural retreats, a golf-side retirement villa, or an urban town house. No matter what your taste, be sure to take advice from accredited and reputable Algarve real estate agents such as LWL Properties or Diamond Properties. Bureaucracy can be a challenge in Portugal so it’s definitely a good idea to have somebody knowledgeable on your side. Visit different areas – and at different times of the year -  to see what fits you best; you might like the chic and cosmopolitan Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago, or the more laid back towns of Tavira and Lagos, both brimming with history. Sagres and the West Coast are for surfers and those looking to get away from it all, while Monchique is perfect for a rural retreat.

Le Club for parties and spectacular sceneryLe Club for parties and spectacular sceneryAlgarve: come and live hereAlgarve: come and live hereAlgarve: come and live hereAlgarve: come and live here

Moving to Portugal doesn’t mean going without your creature comforts or favourite foods. On the contrary, an increase in quality of life should be the goal of your relocation to the Algarve. Invest in some intelligent technology with Ellis Welch Integrated Home Systems and you can have your house at the perfect temperature all year round, wake to your favorite music each morning and enjoy home cinema that will leave you speechless. You can even remotely control all of these things when you are away from the Algarve, including top range security solutions. Bigger supermarkets stock a huge range of products, some already staples in your cupboards, and some unique to Portugal.

Infrastructures in the Algarve have improved greatly over the last few years. Road systems have been upgraded; internet broadband connections make you location independent. There are flights to Faro airport from most major European cities and further afield. Healthcare options have increased; there are now several private hospitals in the Algarve offering easy access to specialized care, and the public health system in Portugal is at the very least on a par with - if not better than -  public healthcare in other European countries.  There is even a renowned rehabilitation centre in the Algarve. Those recovering from burn-out, stress or addictions have expert care available to them at Nova Vida Recovery Centre.

And finally, let’s not forget the fun stuff. The Algarve enjoys over 3000 hours of sunshine each year, has 69 Blue Flag beaches (2012), around 30 first-class golf courses, some great tennis facilities – with a great events calendar too - an internationally acclaimed motor race track, one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, gorgeous food and wine, relaxed and welcoming hosts who generally speak at least one other language aside from Portuguese and that all important, intangible, feel-good factor. As they say here: “Tás bem no Algarve”.

Algarve: come and live hereAlgarve: come and live here