Portugal's Non-Habitual Resident Tax Regime

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Did you know that foreign residents with Non Habitual Residency in Portugal can receive their pensions tax free for ten years? The NHR (non-habitual resident) tax regime is a very enticing financial rationalization for moving to the Algarve. It’s one of several tax advantages that foreign nationals moving to or investing in Portugal can benefit from.

If you think the idea of living life in the beautiful sunny Algarve is just a dream, the knowledge that it can make sound financial sense may be very welcome indeed. Known to be a safe, secure and peaceful country, Portugal is also a financially attractive place for people to move or retire to.

For many of us, trying to untangle the web of laws, policies and tax implications of decisions we take can be daunting. That is why we have partnered with Blevins Franks to bring you insights and expertise on tax planning, pensions, estate planning and investments.

In their article on the advantages of Portugal’s Non Habitual Resident tax regime you can find out what income qualifies as tax free foreign income, how you can access the NHR benefits and learn about other potential tax benefits that are available.

Read Blevins Franks article on the advantages of Portugal’s Non Habitual Resident tax regime.
You can also download the Blevins Franks free guide to tax in Portugal and watch the video below for more insights.

Please Note: there have been changes to the NHR taxation regime. Please see information on the updates to NHR by Blevins Franks.