Top 10 Reasons to Retire to the Algarve


Foreign resident retirees can enjoy their pension tax-free for 10 years

You may know the Algarve as a great holiday destination, but Portugal’s southern region is also a great place to retire. Easy to get to and easy to get around, the Algarve offers an excellent quality of life for retirees no matter what the budget. Here are some great reasons why you should think about retiring to the Algarve.

Algarve Senior  Living

Algarve Senior Living offers rental based, independent living communities where retirees can opt to stay for long or short periods, in quality self-catering accommodation. Common in the US and Australia, this rental based model has the obvious advantage of not having to commit to a real estate purchase before being totally sure that retirement in the Algarve is for you. Add in the safety net of onsite support, medical assistance, concierge services, as well as a ready made community of new friends and the Algarve Senior Living villages are a great way to begin your retirement.


Whether you opt for community living or to go it alone, it is good to know that should you already have or later develop mobility issues,  professional support is on hand. Sulcare is the leading supplier of quality mobility aids in the Algarve. Not only do they have a great range of products, their customer service is excellent. They help set up any aids you want, they can advise on improving accessibility in your home and they provide a reliable maintenance service.

Great Value Real Estate

Real estate in the Algarve is a very valuable commodity, and it is probably better priced now than for many years. If you prefer to buy than rent, now is the time. The range of properties available is huge – check out the Meravista portal for the largest selection of properties for sale in the Algarve.  Local agents, such as Lisa Lokkerbol from LWL Properties in Tavira have reported a surge in interest from those planning their retirement to the Algarve due to the region's charms as well as some great tax breaks and a lower cost of living than many other destinations.

Tax breaks

Recent legislation in Portugal means that resident foreign retirees (with non-habitual resident status) can receive their pension tax free, for 10 years. There is also a cap on income tax for a range of professions for services billed from Portugal. So, your pension will not only go further in Portugal due to lower cost of living, you will have more of it. (Source: <a data-cke-saved-href=" rel=" href=" rel=" nofollow"="" target="_blank">Algarve Senior Living).

Golf at Quinta do Lago, Algarve


Portugal’s national healthcare system (SNS – Serviço Nacional de Saúde) is based on a universal care system. As with most national health systems, the Portuguese system does have it's problems, however it offers residents access to low cost care, both ongoing and in emergency situations. There are also excellent private hospitals and clinics available across the Algarve. Costs can be high but health insurance can help ease the pain.

Real life

Moving to a new country is always an adventure, moving for retirement even more so. Without the scaffolding of a work place and schedule upon which to build your new life in a new location, how do you find new friends and a place in your new community? The good news is that in the Algarve there is a vibrant expat and local community spirit with plenty of active groups and clubs to suit all tastes. The village of Boliqueime for example, near to the Golden Triangle, not only offers great real estate, it welcomes newcomers with open arms.  Joanna from Diamond Properties doesn’t just sell houses in the area – she welcomes people to their new lives in the Algarve with advice and friendship, easing the adjustment to life in the Algarve. And for a quick overview of expat life in the Algarve check out the Perfect leisure

<a data-cke-saved-href=" target=" href=" target=" _blank"="">Of course, the decision to retire to the Algarve shouldn’t just be based on sound financial reasons. Fun should count too. If golf is your thing, then time in the Algarve is definitely on the fun list. With over 30 golf courses of exceptional quality to choose from, the biggest problem a golf loving retiree will have in the Algarve is deciding what course to play. Birdwatchers, nature lovers, walkers – all are spoilt for choice with trails and paths to explore in the Algarve countryside. And then there are the beaches……..winter and summer the beaches are superb, perfect for summer fun with visiting family, just right for leisurely strolls on mild winter afternoons.

Birdwatching in Algarve, photo credit Lands, Turismo na Natureza

Quality of life

Portugal is considered one of the safest countries in the world and the Portuguese people are very hospitable and courteous hosts.  Tradition and family are important here. So too is good food. The traditional diet of the Algarve with it’s Mediterranean influences is now considered one of the tastiest and most healthy diets around, featuring olive oil, lots of fish, fresh vegetables and fruit. Every day your local market will have a range of fresh produce available that would make any chef eager to hit the kitchen. And nothing beats buying fresh fruit from a roadside seller, the fruit plucked from the trees just that morning…..

Getting here

There are several low cost airlines as well as national carriers with regular flights to Faro all year round from most major European cities. From further afield, connections are plentiful via the UK or Lisbon. And once in the Algarve, getting around is pretty straightforward, with a good road system serving the main urban centres, and very light traffic on country roads and in rural areas.

The weather

And finally, the deal breaker……none of the above would convince many to retire to the Algarve if it rained almost every day. Happily, the weather in the Algarve is fabulous. In this glorious part of the world, the sun shines on over 300 days every year, and the climate is considered to be one of the most stable in the world, with both Mediterranean and Atlantic influences. What that really means is that you can count on more sunshine than rain, that skies are more clear than cloudy and that the weather will not be a limiting factor in your new life in the Algarve.

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