Portugal is the world's Leading Destination 2017


The Algarve and Portugal keep on winning

Portugal is the World's Leading Destination and the World's Best Golf Destination for 2017! The country's Best Golf Course is at Quinta do Lago and the Algarve is Europe's Leading Beach Destination. These are just some of the Travel Awards Portugal has won this year. Add amazing food, excellent wines, wonderful weather and hospitable hosts and you'll begin to understand why the whole world has fallen in love with Portugal.

Not much given to boasting, Portugal as a destination has flown under the rader of many travellers over the years. And the Algarve was Europe's best kept secret, intentionally or not. But now the word is out - Portugal is THE place to be, the country to emulate and the experience to share with your friends. After many years of tough economic times the economy is looking up, and rather than the whipping boy, Portugal is now the poster child for economic growth. We've got the best footballer in the world in Cristiano Rolando, the best sweet treats in Pastel de Nata. We've got the best cork in the world and the biggest waves at Nazaré. We have the most beautiful coastline at Ponta de Piedade and stunning sea caves at Benagil. We even reached the pinnacle of achievement and won the Eurovision in 2017:)

The feel good vibe that Portugal is experiencing is contagious and visitors to the country are revelling in it. From eating simple grilled sardines to sampling Michelin star cuisine, we've got the foodie market covered. Portuguese wines are gaining an excellent reputation abroad. City break enthusiasts have discovered the magnificence of Lisbon and Porto. The Algarve ticks a whole lot of boxes. Outstanding golf courses? Tick. Amazing natural beauty? Tick. Scenic, unspoiled beaches? Tick. The best climate in Europe? Tick. Portugal is not monochromatic - it's a vibrant palette of the chic and cosmopolitan mixed with the traditional and historic, a cocktail of sunshine and history, nature and gastronomy.

So, if it's not a secret anymore, it's time to tell everyone - come visit the Algarve, come and experience Portugal. You'll be glad you did. #cantskipportugal

Here are some of the awards Portugal won in 2017
World Travel Awards
World's Leading Destination - Portugal.
World's Leading City Break Destination - Lisbon
Europe's Leading Beach Destination - Algarve
Europe's Leading Boutique Hotel - Vila Joya
Europe's Leading Luxury Lifestyle Resort - Conrad Algarve
World Golf Awards
World's Leading Golf Destination - Portugal

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