Ponta da Piedade

Amazing coastal formations, Lagos, Portugal

Should you find yourself  near Lagos you must visit Ponta da Piedade. Located just to the west of the town, this is a stunningly beautiful section of a coastline that already has more than its fair share of natural wonders. The promontory of Ponta da Piedade is a fantasy landscape of caves, grottoes and sea arches that nature has sculpted from the cliffs over thousands of years.

Undoubtedly the best way to appreciate the beauty of Ponta da Piedade is from the sea. There are numerous boats trips available that will take you around the rock pillars, through the natural tunnels and into the grottoes. The water is wonderfully clear here and with the bright Algarve sunshine filtered through the holes and fissures in the rocks and reflecting off the water, the effect is magical. Each rock formation has been given its own name over the years – the Camel, the Kissing Couple, and the Sphinx. An alternative to a boat trip is to take a kayak tour or explore by SUP - Stand Up Paddle. There are some great SUP trips from Lagos to explore Ponta da Piedade.

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If you prefer to stay on dry land, from the cliff top by the lighthouse, you can descend the steps – all 182 of them! to sea level. The natural beauty of Ponta da Piedade is complemented by the interesting bird population that nest on the rock islands just off shore. There are usually small boats at the bottom of the steps to take you to the caves. Even if you don't go down the steps, the views from the cliff tops are amazing. Don't venture too close to the edge though...these are sand cliffs and can be unstable.

Ponte da Piedade is just outside Lagos town, at the tip of the promontory. There is lighthouse at the road's end (not open to the public) and a cafe and souvenir shop at the top of the steps. The views all along the road to Ponta da Piedade are stunning, and access to Praia do Camilo is there too.

Boat trips to Ponta da Piedade are available from Lagos and from Portimão.

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