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What you need to know about tax in Portugal

If you are moving to Portugal, own or plan to buy property there, you need to know about Portuguese tax. Find out about NHR - non-habitual tax, tax free pensions, capital gains and more.

To the uninitiated, and for many Algarve expats, the obligations and opportunities of tax in Portugal can be confusing. There is expert advice available that can ensure that whether you are planning to retire to the Algarve, set up business here or just spend part of the year here, you can do so in the most tax-efficient and legal way possible.

Recently, many people have opted to move to Portugal, particularly to the Algarve, to enjoy not only the fabulous lifestyle but also the very attractive tax incentives. The NHR - Non-Habitual Resident tax regime makes it possible for foreign pensions to be received almost tax-free in Portugal. There are also other foreign-generated incomes that receive significant tax breaks.

Expert advice is essential to ensure all obligations are met and all opportunities are seized.
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Introduction to Tax in Portugal
A guide to tax in Portugal, covering income tax, capital gains tax and more. Free downloadable guides, by Blevins Franks.  

NHR - Non-Habitual Resident tax scheme

Portugal's Non Habitual Resident scheme offers some very attractive tax advantages, new residents very attractive tax advantages. Some foreign income will be exempt from Portuguese tax; foreign pension income benefits from a special fixed low tax rate, and local ‘high value’ employment is also taxed at a lower rate than usual.


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Property Taxes and Captial Gains Tax

Setting up Business in Portugal
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