The Little Venice of the Algarve

Located just 30 kms to the east of Faro, Tavira is often referred to as the Queen of the Algarve. It is one of the Algarve’s most architecturally attractive towns, bearing the vestiges of the various cultures that have left their mark over the ages.

The castle provides a wonderful vantage point from which to view the town – the seven arched Roman Bridge that crosses the River Gilão, the thirty-seven churches!, the narrow winding streets and white-washed houses. It is the perfect town for leisurely strolls and at night the illuminated bridge provides a magical glow to the riverfront, where you can find lots of restaurants.

From Tavira there are regular ferries across to the Ilha de Tavira – a wonderful, 10 km long sandy island. Nearby, don’t miss one of the Algarve’s best kept secrets - Cacela Velha. A tiny white-washed village perched above the ocean with stunning views both inland and out to sea. The village has a beauty all its own and exudes a tranquillity that will gladden the heart of even the most weary traveller.

The primary economic activity of Tavira was fishing, but the industry went into decline due partly to the changes in the migration patterns of tuna fish. Today, Tavira is becoming ever more popular as a tourist destination as visitors appreciate it history, beauty and very Portuguese character. There is plenty of quality accommodation in the area, two golf courses and a vast range of beaches as well as water sports.

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