How to Sell Your Algarve Property Fast

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A home-selling checklist by Abacoz Properties

Portugal is currently one of Europe’s most dynamic property markets with investors looking for properties, retirees looking for new homes and digital nomads looking to put down some roots in a place where they can find a great work-life balance. The Algarve with its endless beaches, wonderful climate, fresh air to breath and easy-going vibe is one of the most consistently attractive areas to invest and live in. However, if you own property in the Algarve and are considering selling, you should know that just having a property in a great location isn’t a guarantee of a fast sale. It’s a competitive market out there, so you need to take the necessary steps to make your apartment, villa or farmhouse as attractive as possible and remove any possible obstacles to potential buyers falling in love with what you offer.
Abacoz Properties is an independent real estate agency based in Lagos. They excel in giving practical, realistic advice to both buyers and sellers and in negotiating sales so that all parties are happy. Below is their advice to sellers on how to make their property as attractive to buyers as possible.

As an added bonus, if you list your property with Abacoz before 31st Jan. 2020, you can benefit from discounted commission fees.
Sell Your Property Fast - A Home-Selling Checklist by Abacoz Properties
How is it possible that some properties just fly off the market for the asking price and other properties in the same area, or even in the same complex just sit there for months or years without attracting any prospective buyers?
Preparing and staging your property, for the pictures and for viewers, will make YOUR property stand out from the crowds. It will make your property more attractive to more buyers, resulting in a quicker sale and possibly for a higher price than you expected!
Here is our checklist of things to do before you put your house on the market. Some are easy, others might require a small amount of effort or investment. But, all are important for your home to appeal to the maximum amount of buyers, and get you the highest price possible.


A few small things can create a big negative effect on a buyer. With a little effort, you can avoid this by ensuring the fixtures, switches, taps, etc in your property are all working as they should be.



Less is definitely more when it comes to preparing your house for sale. Consider moving bulky furniture that makes any room feel small. Get rid of all the excess stuff that has accumulated over time - it may be valuable to you, but perhaps not of interest to potential buyers. Put it in storage or if you don’t use it anymore, give it away.


Personal items, family photos and bold artwork can make a house your home, but not everyone has the same taste. Toning down the level of personalisation in your property will allow others to have a clearer view of the property's potential. But do leave a little personality -  it will give potential buyers some suggestions what they could do to the space.


Remove any 'bold' wall colours and instead choose light paint to help create a 'neutral canvas'. Touch up scratches and scuffs on walls and doors, it makes your home look well cared-for.


Unpleasant or strange odours can put buyers off, but you might not notice them in your own home. Invite a trusted third party try to detect any pet smells, damp or lingering food aromas. “Masking techniques” such as candles or plug-in room deodorisers can help, but consider deep cleaning of plug holes, rugs etc.


You should aim for your property to look spotless. Take special care with kitchens and bathrooms, making sure the surfaces, tiles, shower, and floors are clean and shiny.


Buyers judge a book by its cover. Make sure the first exterior view of your home entices buyers to see more. Ensure walls, doors and windows are in good condition. Clean your windows. Tidy garden areas to show your home is well maintained throughout.


Gather all documentation relating to your property. Your real estate agent and lawyer will assist you in acquiring any further paperwork you need.
If you're thinking of selling a property in the Algarve contact the Abacoz Algarve Properties multi-lingual team for no-obligation advice on +282 044 886 or email
This article was written by the team at Ababcoz Properties.

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