Ocean Restaurant 2024 - Asian Infusion

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East and West entwined in a masterful new menu

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Ocean Restaurant, holder of two Michelin stars, presents a new and exciting menu each year, inspired by Portuguese history and culture, particularly the Age of Discoveries. Located at Vila Vita Parc, Algarve, this fine-dining venue is known for its innovation and creativity, along with an absolute respect for the essence of products provided by nature, and inspired by a myriad of techniques and skills honed by humans.

The exotic spices and flavours that were introduced in Europe during the Age of Discoveries, including pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, brought new dimensions to European cooking. But the exchange of food and cooking methods was not one-way. The Portuguese brought their own culinary traditions with them, forever influencing local cuisines and dishes, resulting in a wonderful blend of cultures and gastronomy.

Previous years’ menus at Ocean have featured the synergy between Portugal and Brazil, and links with Africa, reflected in flavours, ingredients and cooking methods. This exchange of skills and flavours continues to shape global cuisines today.

For 2024, Chef Hans Neuner and his team explored the flavour-filled world of Asian street food, exploring culinary landscapes from Macau to Seoul, from Japan to Bangkok. The result is a menu blending taste, methods, ingredients, and inspiration into fourteen distinct and delicious moments. 

For Chef Hans, stepping out of the kitchen is crucial to crafting amazing new flavour experiences. A passionate advocate for local Algarve products, particularly the fabulous seafood, the chef is a believer in learning and hands-on experiences. Seeing, smelling, tasting, touching different ingredients, learning traditional preparation methods and different flavour combinations. Inspired by the street markets of Bangkok, and the Portuguese yet very Asian cuisine of Macau, the vast array of kimchi in Seoul, and the time-honoured skill of Tempura in Japan (a concept originally introduced by Portuguese sailors), the Ocean Restaurant team sampled and learned, adopted and adapted, and created a new menu where east and west blend into something unique and masterful.

The 2024 Ocean menu is an elegant and graceful fusion of cultures and cuisines, of tradition and innovation, and an ode to the wonderfully flavourful world we share. See the full menu here

Ocean Restaurant** is open for dinner only, Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Menu: 275 € per person
  • Wine Recommendation: 175 € per person
  • Premium Wine Recommendation: 360 € per person
  • Advance reservations are necessary
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