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Prices of popular items in the Algarve, tourist attractions, dining out and more.

The Algarve is one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations. It is the ideal family location with magnificent beaches a huge variety of bars, restaurants, shops and attractions. While not as cheap as it used to be you can still stay and play in the Algarve while keeping to a budget. For your information and to help keep your budget on track we have compiled a price list of popular items, attractions and necessities to help you plan ahead. These are guide prices only. If you like your fun for free, check out these top free things to do in the Algarve


The price of fuel can change every week in Portugal and over the past year (2022) has seen a significant increase. Price can vary greatly between different brand fuel stations. For example, the big names such as Galp or BP tend not to offer cheaper rates at the pumps but do run loyalty card schemes and partnerships with other businesses.

More economical brands include the fuel stations at the Auchan and Intermarché supermarkets, as well as Prio.

Fule prices generally change on a Monday, You can find out in advance whether the price is due to increase or decrease by doing an online search.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT - click here for more details

Urban Buses
Many towns run their own bus services. Day or monthly passes can be bought or just single tickets.
Average Single tickets price - €1.50

Vai e Vem Portimão:

Giro Albufeira:

Onda Lagos:

Regional Buses

There are several options available, among them
Eva Transportes

VamusAlgarve runs a route directly from Faro airport to the main towns - Albufeira, Lagoa, Portimão, Lagos.

Express (Alfa Pendular) 
Intercity (Intercidades)
Regional service run between from Vila Real Santo Antonio and Lagos.
Rail tickets prices can vary, and offer best value if bought in advance.
By and large, rail travel is good value in Portugal


Taxis can be obtained at taxi stands at the airport, but it is almost always cheaper to pre-booked your airport transfer.

LOCAL TAXIS - click here to view more details
All licensed taxis have meters. Unlicensed taxis and private transfer vehicles do not.

Average day time fare - 4 seater licensed taxi (06:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs approx): 3.25 for the first 1.8km then around 1 per km.

Average night time fare - 4 seater licensed taxi (21:00 hrs to 06:00 hrs approx)

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays

3.90 for the first 1.8km then around 1.15 per km.Varies from location to location. The price can be double the day time rate, so it is advisable to ask before your book.
Bags in the trunk, use of roof racks etc are extra, as are toll fees.
Information & prices quoted correct at 21.01.19.

Taxi Apps which allow you to book your ride online, are available in the Algarve and you may find these services slightly cheaper. However, traditional taxi services in the region are good and are not over-priced, so using an online service is not necessarily a big money-saver here. 

The A22 is the main toll road running through the Algarve and operates an electronic toll system. Each time you pass under a toll gantry you will clock up a fee. If your vehicle is not fitted with a 'transponder' you are required to pay your toll fees at any Post Office or other payment agent - see Driving in Portugal for more information.

Adult: €27
Zoomarine regulary offers discounts on pre-paid online tickets, so check before you go.
Transport can be arranged for a supplement.

Slide & Splash
Adult €27.00 /
Under 4s - FREE entrance.
Online bookings
Transport can be arranged for a supplement.

Adult €29.00 
Transport can be arranged for a supplement

Lagos Zoo
Adult €14.90
Discount on pre-paid online tickets.

For details of other Algarve attractions and things to do click here
Prices above correct at 21.01.19


1 Lt milk - long life 0.65
1 Lt Semi-skimmed milk (fresh) 0.99
4 x 1l Lt Coke a Cola ZERO 4.10
6 x 1.5Lt  Water (luso) 3.09
7 Lt  Water 1.64
6 Pack Beer (Super Bock 33cl) 4.79
1 can Beer (Sagres 33cl) 0.64
1 Kg Sugar (own brand) 1.39
1 Kg  Rice 1.29
1 Kg Bananas 1.09
250g Butter 2.30
625g Alpen original 4.79
20 Lipton tea bags 1.29
800g Aptamil Baby Milk formula No1 17.59
60 Pack DoDot Nappies 15.99
 Average prices correct at 19/12/2022