Best Bird Watching in Lagos

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Algarve team

The Algarve is a popular bird watching destination due to the vast number of species to be spotted here. It also hosts an important bird watching festival –Sagres Birdwatching Festival - each autumn, when the Sagres peninsula becomes the main crossing point in Portugal for many varieties of migratory birds, as they head towards Africa. Among the species that can be spotted in the Algarve are the Booted Eagle, Short-toed Eagle, Sparrow Hawk, Griffon Vulture and the Common Buzzard. Also the Honey Buzzard, Egyptian Vulture, Black Kite, Hen Harrier and Eleanora’s Falcon, as well as several owls and the Black Stork. Even rare raptures such as the Black Vulture, Imperial Eagle and Golden Eagle have been spotted in the region. The awesome Great White Stork can often be see nesting in the Algarve’s cities and towns, and across the countryside, on buildings, chimneys and electricity pylons.