A fabulous, purpose built resort with plenty of entertainment


Vilamoura is considered one of Europe’s premier resorts, and rightly so. A purpose built, self-contained resort, just 20 kms from Faro Airport, Vilamoura covers over 2,000 hectares of land – some of it picturesque umbrella pine forests, some of it reclaimed marshland. The resort is very well laid out with some of Europe’s most famous golf courses intermingled with bike paths and walking trails, luxury hotels and stylish villas.

The heart of Vilamoura is the marina. A stroll here is a must to view the stunningly luxurious yachts. People-watching, particularly famous people-watching is another favourite activity. Bars, restaurants and shops surround the marina walkways, providing a day long cosmopolitan atmosphere. At night the marina comes alive - music, parties, good food and people enjoying the bounties of a special corner of the world. The Vilamoura Casino is another favourite haunt – aside from the gambling rooms and slot machines, the casino offers cabaret nights and a nightclub.

Vilamoura is famed for the excellent golf courses in the area, but other sporting activities are also well represented – horse-riding, lawn bowls, a tennis centre and a plethora of water sports are available locally. Towards the eastern end of the marina walkway you can find plenty of aquatic activities – coastal cruises, big game fishing and parasailing among others. Vilamoura boasts its own museum and archaeological site – Cerro da Vila, where vestiges of past Roman, Visigoth and Moorish civilizations can be appreciated.

All of this and spectacular beaches too – this is what makes Vilamoura so special.

What to know more? See our Guide to Vilamoura.

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