Portuguese Food Recipes

Get recipes for Portuguese food from local Algarve chefs and restaurants. Bring a little of Portugal into your life with these great recipes to make at home.

They say Portugal is all about the 3 Fs – Football, Fátima and Fado. We reckon they forgot one. Food!  If you have spent time in the Algarve or Portugal, you will know just how good the food is. From freshly caught fish of the day, grilled over charcoal, to slow-cooked country dishes, to the simple yet immense pleasure of freshly baked bread drizzled with quality olive oil, food in Portugal is a feast for the gourmand in all of us. Check out this list of Top Portuguese Food to get your taste-buds dancing.

We asked local Algarve restaurants and chefs to share some of their recipes with us. Of course, they’re not going to share ALL their secrets, but here are some great recipes you can try at home to conjure up a little of Portugal in your kitchen. Bom Apetit!

Follow the links below for the recipes.

Portugal Inspired Recipes
  Recipe by VILA VITA Parc executive chefs for a succulent Spring meal.
  Folar is a traditional Easter cake in Portugal. Not quite a cake and not quite bread, Folar is flavoured with anise or fennel. Delicious slathered with butter!

  A sweeter receipe than the one above, with star anise, fennel seeds, local oranges and brandy. by chef Diogo Pereira, Cascade Resort.

  A delicious recipe showcasing some of the best produce in the Algave - fresh seafood, subtle olive oil and sweet potatoes from the Costa Vicentina. By Chá com Água Salgada.

  Using juicy oranges from the Algarve and carob instead of chocolate, this cake is packed with sweet Algarve flavours. 

International Recipes
  Healthy, tasty food by Pure, Quinta do Lago. Use locally grown herbs and vegetables where possible for a dish packed with goodness.

  A creamy, delicious Spinach Quiche - easy to make and always a crowd pleaser. By chef Guy Doré from Guy's Bistro at MAR Shopping Algarve.

  A tasty bowl of comforting Corn and Coconut soup. Easy to make and delicious to eat. By Chef Diogo Pereira of Cascade Resort.