Burgau Beach

A great option for a relaxing beach day

Burgau beach is a great option for a relaxing beach day. The beach is protected on both sides by rocky outcrops keeping the winds at bay. The water here is generally calm and the quality excellent.

The beach is reached by following the villages cobbled streets down to the waterfront and then along the beach walkway. Even during high season the beach doesn’t tend to be too crowded, although parking can be difficult. Best to park on the outskirts of the village and wander down the narrow streets at your ease.

Right on the beach you have the famous Burgau Beach Bar – snacks, meals, drinks and ice creams available all day long. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés in the area, some with wonderful views across the ocean. Burgau moves at a very gentle pace. It is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely beach day followed by an even more leisurely meal.