Alvor Beach

Of all the beaches in the Portimão – Alvor area, this is a favourite with many people. Praia de Alvor has everything necessary for a quality beach experience. The beach is several kilometres of the finest white sands and forms an immense natural bay with views across to neighbouring Lagos. Inland you can see the Monchique Mountains and the quaint village of Alvor.

Access onto the beach couldn’t be easier – you can practically drive onto the sand. There are sunbeds and shades for hire and watersports are available. The beach is huge and can easily accommodate the many visitors, even at the peak of the season.

The beach is dotted with restaurants, many of them of excellent quality, serving wonderfully fresh fish. These restaurants have some of the best views around – perfect for enjoying sunsets.

To the east you have the smaller cove beaches of Praia dos Três Irmãos and the cliff top walk that leads to Prainha and eventually to Praia do Vau, along the area known as João d'Arens. This is an incredibly beautiful stretch of coast, the cliffs topped by umbrella pines, overlooking the translucent waters below.

To the west the beaches stretches out to where the Ria Alvor meets the sea. This estuary is a very important nesting ground for many species of birds. The walk along the wooden boardwalk and trail, between the beach and the river is one of great natural beauty and tranquillity.

The water quality at Alvor beach is very good. It is usual to see schools of fish swimming in close to the beach in the calmer morning waters. The beach is popular all year round and is a particular favourite with families. Just one point to bear in mind: as the beach is very open, on a windy day you run the risk of being sand-blasted. A small price to pay for heaven……

The estuary and the bay itself is a favourite spot with kitesurfers.....