Vilamoura World - The Lost Warhols Exhibition


Mon Jun 13th 2016 to Wed Aug 31st 2016
Algarve, Vilamoura

Event Details

Vilamoura World's V-Art Project will embrace artists from a wide variety of creative fields including writing, dance, theatre and urban art. V-Art aims to bring art to new locations and will incorporate several of Vilamoura’s iconic landmarks. The first V-Art event is “The Lost Warhols”, in partnership with Omey Projects. “The Lost Warhols” exhibition, by Karen Bystedt, is the first in a series of exhibitions that will see the most prominent Portuguese street artists being invited to work alongside renowned international names. Within the exhibition, a set of Andy Warhol photos that were taken by Karen Bystedt, have been combined with work by various guest artists, to create a fusion between urban art and photography. During the exhibition, a mural will also be developed and worked on by several artists in the centre of Vilamoura, to mark the starting point of Vilamoura World’s commitment to promoting and supporting the arts in Portugal. The Vilamoura World and Omey teams will also be touring the region´s schools with a goal to engage youngsters in this project. Download the flyer here. Call or email for more information.

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