Community Safety

Compared to many locations, Portugal and the Algarve enjoy a relatively low crime rate but wherever you live there are measures you need to take in order to keep your belongings and property safe. While many come to expect a carefree existence in the sun it is always wise to err on the side of caution when it comes to security of your home or the wellbeing of your loved ones. Fortunately in the Algarve there have been a number of very useful initiatives both by the local law enforcement and by independent organisations to inform and help communities to stay safe and they offer expert advice.

For assistance and information about crime prevention in the Algarve there is a useful online resource called Safe Communities Algarve which was set up to help the growing Expat community and works closely with the Portuguese police and other authorities such as Consulates. The British Consulate in the Algarve has a Portimão office as well as a service in Albufeira for British nationals. They can help find legal services and other English-speaking professionals in the area. See our useful numbers page for further information on other services in different parts of the Algarve.


112– is the European emergency number to call should you need police(polícia), fire brigade(bombeiros) or an ambulance(ambulância). The emergency phone numbers in Portugal should be your first call in need.

Some other specific emergency numbers include:

117 - for Fire Brigade

115 - for National Police

217 950 143 - for Anti-Poison information

289 898 990 - for an emergency Vet