Cork...Tails in the Garage!

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The highest quality cork comes from trees at least 43 years old. Quality takes time.

Are you ready for Cork…Tails in the Garage?

The Conrad Algarve is famous for hosting exciting and innovative events. The upcoming Cork…Tails in the Garage promises to be another fun evening of great fashion and food, with an eco edge.

Featuring the Najha brand, which fashions outstanding and elegant clothing, bags, shoes and accessories from Portuguese cork, the setting is the underground park at Conrad Algarve. Strange? No, not when you see the urban chic graffiti artworks that adorn the walls. Add some gourmet street food stations, DJ and live music, and you have the perfect setting to showcase the Najha identity.

And that’s what Najha is – an identity. Not just a fashion brand, but a statement and a mission.  Najha wants to change the world, making fashion more sustainable with smaller eco footprints and greater social responsibility. All the beautiful items made by Najha are produced from cork and 100% organic cotton. The cork is stripped from the cork oak trees by craftsmen using age old methods, done delicately, and only every 9 years. The highest quality cork (that used by Najha) comes from trees that are at least 43 years old. Quality takes time.

At the Cork…Tails event you can enjoy the fashion show, sample the delicious street food and enjoy live music.

Tickets: 59€ per person / half price per child 6-12 yrs / children 0-5 at no charge.

Reservations: Conrad Algarve + 351 289 350 700

Cork...Tails in the Garage is just one of many great events  at the Conrad Algarve.

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