Caminhos do Oriente Festival - Silves


Fri May 27th 2016 to Sun May 29th 2016
Algarve, Mascarenhas Gregório Theatre / Grupo Desportivo e Cultural do Enxerim

Event Details

The 3rd edition of Caminhos do Oriente Festival will take place in Silves in May. This year the theme is “BellyBurlesque” and the main objective of this festival is to promote music and dance from the Middle East. 27th - 'Hafla' and Open Stage, where the oriental dance community will perform and present their work. 28th - Gala where famous names from the oriental dance community will be performing, such as Akhawat Al Raks - Oriental and Fusion Dance Group, formed by Isa Aysel, Mónica Pereira, Sati Bengala and Vera Varela, as well as Catarina Lopes Swift-Metcalfe, Niikuty Rodrigues and international guest Youssef Batanero. Both shows will take place in Mascarenhas Gregório Theatre in Silves. Doors open at 8.30pm. 28th and 29th - workshops will be held at the Grupo Desportivo e Cultural do Enxerim building. Participants of the workshops will enjoy themes such as Shimmies Technic, Egyptian Shaabi, Burlesco, Vaudeville, Pop & Lock, among others. These workshops are open to all, regardless of experience. For more information and bookings visit the website. OR phone or email.

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