Burgau isn’t just a place – it’s a state of mind. This tiny village in the Western Algarve exerts such a pull on its visitors they feel compelled to visit time and time again.

It is easy to drive through Burgau and not be over-awed by its charm. You need to explore on foot to fully appreciate this little gem. The labyrinth of narrow streets leading down to the beach, with the white washed houses leaning crookedly against each other, the beach of fine sand backed by rocky outcrops and the broad Atlantic horizon all work their magic to create an atmosphere of great tranquillity. Burgau is known as the smugglers village and it is easy to imagine lots of clandestine activity going on in the hidden alleys and lanes, in times gone by.

Burgau is popular all year round and with all types of visitors. Families love the peace and friendly welcome, walkers love to explore the cliff top paths and trails, gourmets love the fresh fish and laid back  beach bars. Burgau, with its slow pace of life, is the perfect place to relax and to enjoy your surroundings.